Thursday, 18 February 2010

Shooting Script.

Shooting script

Production title: Killer’s Escape

Scene 1 EXT. Street.
ShotsShot descriptionAudio and dialogue
1Black.Music start
2Tracking shot of man walking from behind ankles gradually moving up to behind the shoulders.Sound of footsteps.
3Tracking close up of face. Eyes looking around. 
4High panning shot of walking.( edited to a CCTV shot) 
5Medium tracking shot as he moves towards the car. Shot continues as he enters the car. 
6Close up of man in the car.Sighs, puts the keys in the ignition.
7Shot change to windscreen shot as blood splatters. Medium shot.Hear the gunshot and the splat of blood.
8Over the shoulder of gun holder only see the gun not the woman. 
9Low shot of the door. Door opening and woman stepping out. Sexy legs. Purse in shot when phone starts to ring. 
10See her answer the phone close up but because of hat can’t see her face.Yes?

See her expression. And drops the phone.
11Floor shot in which the phone drops into. And she collapses out of focus.Phone dropping and muffle of woman falling over.




















Shooting script

Production title: Killer’s Escape

Scene 2 INT. Office
ShotsShot descriptionAudio and dialogue
1Medium high angle over the shoulder shot of man sitting behind a desk.Typing noise and music
2Medium close up of his face typing. 
3Close up shot of paper and coffee on desk.Hear a knock and he presumes it’s the door.
4Close up of his reaction to the soundSilence.
5Medium shot from behind him of him rolling the chair back and getting up. 
6From the same position the shot will zoom out and follow him panning to the door/ cut to a longer panning shot instead of zooming out. 
7As he walks to the door the door a fixed shot of the bottom of the door in which his feet move into and the door opens as his feet turn to suggest him looking round. 
8Shot cuts to a close up of his face looking out the door. 
9Then from his point of view he looks back into the room to find the window open. .Whistling noise of the wind.
10Long shot of him at the door showing the whole room with him in the doorway. 
11Then a reverse shot of him looking from the doorway slow hand held shot of him looking round the room shows him looking at the paper flapping in the wind. 
12Medium panning shot of him walking to the window/desk 
13Medium straight shot of him as he falls the assassin is revealed.Killer snaps neck and falls on to the window frame/desk

























Shooting script

Production title: Killer’s Escape

ShotsShot descriptionAudio and dialogue
1Close up straight shot of ASSASSIN lying in bedBackground music
2Long straight shot of same position – show all of body. 
3Side profile close up of man. Focus moves from face to picture on bedside table behind. 
4Close up of picture with phone next to it on the desk.The phone rings. Music stops.
5Medium shot from behind of ASSASSIN sitting up on the bed and answering the phone.Voice: It came through, she'll be in the square in an hour.
6Close up from behind of the ASSASSIN’s head.Phone hanging up sound.
7Medium panning shot of ASSASSIN walking to bedside table. 
8Over the shoulder/arm shot of ASSASSIN picking up and looking at the picture. Then pans slightly to draw opening and gun being taken – same shot. 
9Close up shot of ASSASSIN’s face. 
10Back to shot of draw/picture as ASSASSIN closes and leaves. Focus on pictureSound of draw then door closing

Thursday, 11 February 2010


Kill Bill- It begins with a close up on Uma therman, We see she has cuts on her face which connotes her pain. It is in black and white which, i feel makes it very sinister. The lack of variety in the shots is of course a classic trait of Quentin Tarantino but also adds to the build of tension. The sudden cut to a tracking shot of  a mans shoes, allows the audience to recognise the presence of someone else. We then cut back to the close up on the woman, She breathes deeply to show distress. the man strokes her face, he holds a hankey clearly saying 'bill'. this links to the title and the viewer now has a better idea as to who and what 'bill' is like. The fact that we never see Bills face adds an element of retardation for the viewer, this being once again farmiliar within the work of tarantino. The lack of non - diagetic sound Also raises the tension, but also gives the sense that the viewer is involved and present at the time. The woman Begins to shake her head desparately, and faintly say 'no'. clearly she is welled with fear. The viewer is completely unaware as to why until the loud gunshot which clearly connotes a gunshot to the head. However this is not clear due to the quick fade to black and intro to the fast pace non - diagetic sound, and a bold white on Black title saying 'A Quentin Tarantino Film.'

Reservoir Dogs - The sequence continues with a constsnt tracking shot that constantly circles the group sat at the table. the viewer clearly sees the men wearing black suits instantly recognising them as 'businessmen'.  The constant movement of the camera reflects the constant chat between the men; The way he camera cuts to the same shot from dofferent angles represents the different angles in which the men enter the conversation. When the camera finally stop it shows the halt in the conversation as it changes subject. Within this opening sequence there is no non - diagetic sound which raises the tension and improves the verisimilitude vastly. The Mise en scene is created to look like it's set in the past which seems to make it timeless, as we never really know which time frame it is set in.

TAKEN - The theme of the film Taken has similar ideas to that of our film in that it is based on an assassin, however in this case, the assassin is already retired. I like the idea of the start being a memory/dream sequence as when occampanied with the piano it becomes clear to the audience that it is a meloncholy thought and that he longs for the moment to occur again. I also have always liked the start location of the dark bedroom as it suggests loneliness  and vulnerability which could be a key theme within our film. The focus on the picture on the bedside table is effective, a technique thatwe have also used in order to portraywhatthe character longs for.

The first scene of lucky number slevin is great for setting the scene and is necessary to refer back to later in the film. It doesn’t directly introduce the main characters but gets the audience thinking, creating a slight retardation. This is the kind of start I think would be good for our film as it the same genre and allows for twists to unfold as the film progresses. the use of a tracking shot of the man with the accounts draws attention to the accounts and looks fantastic. The following sequence is equally good as you see the action of the deaths but don’t see the face of the man and therefore are still in the dark as to who did it and why once again creating retardation. The title credits are also good as they relate to the movie and look aesthetic.appealing more to the viewer. The continuity is appropriate and mise on scene creates a convincing verisimilitude, with use of bland colours creating a sinister vibeand raising the tension, due to the lack of dialogue.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Potential Target Audience.

Whilst coming up with the idea for our film. We had to bear in mind the audience that we thought the film would appealt and make sure we taylored the thems to their needs. Our intended audience was males above 15 years of age. Our film is similar to the Bourne films and has similar violence and adult films to Guy Ritchie productions like Snatch and Lock Stock and these films have already been successful with this audience. We felt that not only males would watch it though, in the cinema males may take their partners or possible partners to watch it as it would be their choice of film if they were paying and also it may be seen as a good gift to buy husbands, boyfriends or even sons when it came to DVD and Bluray for birthdays and Christmas.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Original Film Pitches.

Pitch 1.

Genre: psychological thriller

A man wakes up alone in an unknown place. He wakes up in a hospital bed, the hospital is empty. He starts to panic and then sees on a security camera screen that there is a woman looking at the same screen. He gets up and looks behind him where there is a camera pointing at him then the camera talks to him and says “you are here for your own safety do not attempt to leave.”  The screen then goes blurry and turns to the girl looking at him and she says “your not safe here leave” she is tied to a chair. As she says leave the camera cuts out. Finds various things in the hospital which point to his way of escaping he then finds the girl and takes her with him as they approach what he thinks is an exit she says in the voice of the camera I told you not to leave and locks him in a room. Throughout the film there are flashbacks of his life in which he never does what people tell him.

Target audience: 15 and above not a family film.

The general idea of a man being trapped in a hospital trying to escape is good however in order to film this we would need the setting and mise-en-scene to represent a hospital, which would be very hard to do in order to keep the verismilitude constant. It would be hard to find a building to use which would create the desired effect. The storyline is also hazy as we were didn’t put much thought into it.

Pitch 2.

5 magazine geeks love superheroes, one gets into a fight by having a light sabre fight and accidentally hitting someone’s girlfriend. He then gets in a fight with a jock. And him and his loser friends deck him with their geeky moves, they decide to become superheroes. Meanwhile they hate gym class and they have a very horrible teacher called Jim Peak who turns out to be dating one of the guys’ mums. They have homemade outfits and look ridiculous and the plot involves them separating the gym teacher and the guys mum.

Genre: comedy

Target audience: 12/15 as some mature themes

Good idea, potential for a good film. Only problem is that comedy is hard to get right and could end up looking bad due to not being funny. I think it would be easier and look better to do a serious opening.

Our last film pitch we are going to use therefore we developed in further detail.

Final Film Pitch.

Killer’s Escape

Charlie Rix

Jack Reynolds

George Robinson

Set in modern day, a world class assassin has a job to kill a woman. He does so but feels remorse and finally decides to get out. He tells his boss who isn’t happy, then after leaving he is attacked by a group of men hired to kill him. He thinks his boss is behind it and whilst trying to get away he plans to kill him. Meanwhile another assassin is around but her story is unclear. She is employed to kill him but they get together and she helps him find the boss. After confronting him, the assassin realises it isn’t the boss trying to kill him and is told that the partner of the woman he killed at the beginning is behind it. The partner ends up coming face to face with the assassin who won’t fight him and drops his guard and he ends up being killed by the female assassin who is the person who is actually related to the original death – twist that the man is a decoy.

 Act 1: Assassin kills woman and resigns. Gets followed and attacked. Meanwhile another man is killed by the female assassin to set the scene.

Act 2: Main character is attacked by female assassin, end up sleeping together, builds trust. Female helps him get to boss, boss tells him who it really is whilst dying. Goes out to meet him.

Act 3: Finds man, angry shouts about partner being killed. Assassin recoils – won’t fight back but stops man killing him. Goes to leave then female enters and confesses who she is, then kills.

Unique selling point: This film will sell because it is action packed but also has themes such as romance and betrayal, therefore there is a wide audience range. It is also tense and the overall finale is unclear but after a few twists the story comes together. This type of film draws the audiences’ attention because they need to concentrate to follow the story but also have the action scenes which are simple and entertaining to watch.

Mood Board.

Starting to come up with a rough isea of what our film was going to be like was easy as we did 4 pitches then devloping one into the final one that we would actually work on. Our mood board was used to portray feelings emotions and even some of the outline of the story of our film. Starting with the pictures which on the whole portray the violence and death aspect of our Assasins' Escape opening. Two pictures which reflect this very well are the one near the centre of the man holding the gun and pointing it towards you as you look at the board but also the one of the black man who is about to commit suicide. Not only does this obviously portay death but the person looking at it could connote a sense of the man feeling trapped or even lonely. This is the same feelings as our assasin feels. He is "trapped" by his job. Another picture which reflects this well is the one of a man blindfolded showing our assasin to be in a dangerous position and very vulnerable because of it. Other pictures mainly of cars or men or targets obviously all portraying the life of the assasin the men shown are also smartly dresed as our assasin will be. One other picture which is very prominent and is good to have due to the story of our opening is the one of the beautiful women with the hat on. Dressed in black she looks sexy which obviously will appeal to people along with the low cut top. But above all she represents the woman in our film who's identity remains unknown

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Kill Bill Opening.

Kill Bill is another assassin film of the same genre and has lots of themes and the same level of violence and gore in it's opening as we as a group hope to portray in our opening. The scene is typical for Tarentino with a small variety of shots of different lengths and actions but is straight away making the viewer feel tense and start guessing at what is happening. The character played by Uma Thurman appears to be in a wedding dress and has lots of cuts, grazes and bruises on her face. The close up of her face stays in shot when footsteps are heard and the tension rises as audience start asking who is it and what's goinmg to happen? As you hear the mans voice who talks in a a sadistic way and as he wipes the blood off her face the audience is introduced to his name. The name "Bill" is clearly stitched into the handkerchief and although we know his name we never see his face and this element of retardation is a similar theme to what we are hoping for in our film as the audience should be asking lots of questions to encourage them to watch on and found out the plot. The scene goes on to show more fear in the womens face asnd as we found out later this was due to her being held at gun point by Bill a gunshot is then heard and from that the audience connote a shot to the head. Though this is hard to say and the audience because of this is puzzled as to whether or not she was actually shot as the shot quickly cuts to a black screen with "A Quentin Tarantino Film" written on it.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Trainspotting Opening Sequence.

I have chosen to write about this opening scene not because it is like the film opening that we are going to do as deadline productions but because it is very informative and effective in only 1 minute and 35 seconds. The first shot is of them running down a busy high street and straight away the audience connotes from this that they are crimnals and are stealing something from a shop it then only take a few seconds for the shot to cut to the reason why they are stealing. It shows Renton the main character and the one that is doing the voice over smoking drugs in a dingy low lit flat. So already in about 30 seconds we know that they steal to fuel their habit for drugs. And it is evident that they have no respect for their health as Renton simply rolls over the car bonnet as if nothing as happened aswell as taking drugs.

The opening is clever in how it opens the audience uo not only the characters names but also a bit of their personality. Firstly it shows the contrasting attitudes in apparel towards football fristly showing the "gang" of friends in just what they had been wearing in the day before showing the 5 a side team in a proper matching kit. The first character after Renton is then introduced through captions as Sick Boy. He is showing fouling someone badly by not really mking any effort to get to the ball before protesting his innocence this could show his character as both lazy and as if he doesn't take the blame for anything. Next to be introduced in a similar way is Begbie he tackles someone very dangerously and violently from behind again not getting the ball. Though his reaction of subdued calmness could sho him to be slightly mad and twisted if he could be this violent without showing remorse.  Next come Spud who immediately in my opinion looks extremely dopey and slow. He is wearing what looks like boxer shorts or similarly short shorts and some form of glves other than those for being a goalkeeper. His skill portrays this image of him also as he kind of gingerly jogs backwards before sort of skipping in a gesture to stop the ball where in reality he never has a chance and lets a goal in to a fairly tame shot. His movement as he goes to pick the ball out of his net show him to be very uncoordinated and almost uncmfortable being under the pressure of being in goal and having every one shout at himThe next little clip shows some relatively young women with babies watching and cheering the group on. This suggests that they are ther halfs and girlfriends and that some of these drug addicts are fathers to young children. Next to be introduced out of the group is Tommy and it is very interesting how he is introduced. they show him on the ball looking for support to pass to as if he actually wants to play football properly it could also be a comparison to the way in which he is looking for support from the others throughout the film. As I have seen this film I know that Tommy doesn't take drugs and looking back on it this is suggested right from the start in the way in which out of all of his team he is the only one no only playing football properly or atleast trying to but also he is wearing a headband and even though it is a tiny gesture it is still a gesture towards some sort of sporting ability. Finally the way in which Renton gets hit in the head with the ball and falling over mixes with the shot of him falling over due to drugs suggests that their life is controlled by their drug habit. The music is very important for this opening aswell it is up beat and the voice of the singer almost relates the characters in Rentons gang.

All in all this opening is effective as it introduces the main characters and a bit of their personality and also a bit of the  storyline due to the need for drugs from the characters.