Sunday, 21 March 2010


Deadline, we feel, is a suitable production name for our film. It fits with the efficient and structured life of an assassin. However, i felt that the sequence we created was rather cheesy due to the glowing colours and strange font styles. If I were to change it, I would have the text at a straighter angle; with a simple white on black. This would have stood out even better, and therefore had a better impact on the viewer.

Killers escape is a blunt title, imediately it describes exactly what the film is about. The word killer mayattract an audience, and the word escape allows them to recognise a diffetrent type of killer, giving the film a different edge. This technique is similar to :

  • Tarantino's 'Kill Bill'

  • Tarantino's 'Inglorious Basterds'

  • David R Ellis' 'Snakes on a Plane'

  • Martin Scorsese' 'Taxi Driver'

Friday, 12 March 2010

Mise en Scene.

Scene 1 - This scene was set in our local high street. We filmed at night in order to have the lighting element reinforcing the mysterious and secretive element of our film. We decided that the character should wear jeans and a hoodie in order to portray the image of a simple man. the hood connotes the need to hide his identity. The car we also used is appropriate to the age of the character increasing the verisimilitude. The womans outfit consisted of a short but formal skirt ensuring the sense of efficiency within her job. She also wears a headscarf, once again to hide her true identity.

Scene 2 - the shirt, tie, and troulsers the man wears presents him as authoritive and important. He is also surrounded by papers by a computer connoting the fact that he is a busy man. Once again we had low light to raise the tension, and portray the correct time of day. The assassin wore a coat with the zip done up as well as the colour, conveying his secretive nature, it also shows him to be protective and he refuses to allow other people  to come in to his life.

Scene 3 - The assassin wears neutral colours to show his lack of personality and identity. The colour black is also recognised as the colour of mourning, showing the regret he feels towards the people he kills. The lighting is bright contrasting to other scenes showing his vulnerability as he can clearly be seen. The plain sheets and furniture show the efficient and minimalistic lifestyle he leads, due to the high action murder that occurs on the other side of his life.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Casting and Costumes.

Jess Lax (Mysterious Assasin)- When thinking of the idea for our film and scripting the opening we had the look in mind for our women assasin. We were looking for someone who could pull of a mysterious look preferably with a fringe to cover the eyes and someone who had has some acting experience. Jess having been in all the school productions and being my girlfriend too was an easy option to rope in for the filming process. The costume we thought of a month ago when starting the concept phase as a group was her in a black dress and heels (the heels are important as her feet are planned to be in full shot for a substantial time of the shot including her).  Another aspect of her outfit is the neckscarf we have chosen to add to the effect of her mysterious personaliy as it is the film opening we are hoping to create some retardation as to Jess's characters act and presence in the film.

Jake Seymour (Business Man)- Jake again is one of our friends and is up for volunteering to play a part in our opening. he has less acting experience than Jess but is playing an easier part. He is working late night in his home office and hears a bang at the door when he looks out the door comes back to realist that his tea is vibrating suggesting movement in the room he then steps forward to reveal the main character Charlie the Assasin. Jakes outfit is meant to represent his destress at the situation but still keeping in mind the verisimilitude of him being a businessman. His open collar shirt will give the image that he is working out of hours.

Charlie Rix (The Assasin)- Charlie is an extremely good actor and him being in our group is a real plus side. He is going to play the main assasin and me and George have full confidence in him making the part beliavable. His costume and gun are obviously very important for the versimilitude of the film. The gun we are going to borrow from our friend and is a BB gun but very realistic especilly when you are not to close up to it. And Charlie is going to wear a biege zip up jacket done all the way up with his colllar up to boost his secretive personality and to almost replicate a football hooligans violence. The rest of his outfit for our opening is just going to be a black pair of jeans and black shoes to try and represent as best we can an assasin and his mysterious start to the film as a character.

Jack Reynolds (Victim in the car)- My character is a lowlife and is going to be represented in this way with a hoody and jeans etc his hair is going to be out of place and he should act as if he knows he has donr something which may come back on him at night ( and it does in the dark car park).

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Our opening scene is filmed outside. We felt it necessary to ensure the best visibility possible, and therefore waited to film during the fullest moon possible, and a clear sky. This would certasinly improve the quality of our footage. This was our weather forecast, on the night of our filming. The moon was rather full which meant reasonable light. However we did find it necessary to use our torches and car headlights. Furthermore, the slight drizzle that occured meant we needed to ensure our equipment, costumes and props were all kept dry.

Monday, 8 March 2010


The picture shown above is a picture of the alley at Friday’s cross in ringwood which we will be using for the first scene.

The car park nearby to Kingsbury road, the road the alley is on, is where we are parking the car and filming the second part of the first scene. It is perferct for us as will be quiet and we will have the chance to introduce the verisimilutde of it being very late at night.

Friday, 5 March 2010


Our Animatic came out well in my opinion. It is our storyboard hence showing lots of the shots that made our final cut of our film opening. Also it has the same soundtrack though it's edited slightly different in our animatic to our actual film opening. A clever technique we used to give our animatic the edge over other peoples was not only using our soundtrack over the top but the use of video transitions on premiere pro represented some of the movement in our  film opening. Examples of thie is the picture from outside the car zooming into a shoot from inside the car. This rpresentation of movement helped to improve our animatics validity as instead of just being a slideshow of our pictures it helped to remind us of some of the movement ideas we wanted in our film opening and also, although of less importance, helps to keep the viewer interested in our animatic. Another effect used in our animatic to represent movement was the wobble effect on the picture of the window. Although this shot didn't make the final cut of our opening it was intended to represent the wind and thus the window now being open. All in all I was very impressed with our animatic and think that it helped us keep in mind our shots we needed when filming.