Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Poster-Further talks and new idea.

We have had further talks about our poster idea and decided after seeing the posters for Trainspotting that we should do multiple posters with the same main theme that we thought could be a storyboard in which Simon the main character  could make different poses with the gloves. This could allow us to use our promotion posters as a collectors item and as long as they all have the same colour scheme and themes like the Trainspotting posters people should be able to recognise it as a poster for our film straight away.


Monday, 10 January 2011

Video Blog

As a group we have recorded a video blog talking about our ideas and thought processes that we have been through and what we hope to achieve. Our video blog was based a bit on that of an "An Idiot Abroad" as there are three of us infront of a still camera and we kept with our theme of the mockumentary as although the things we are saying are serious. The informality of our blog and our laid back approach matches that of the mockumentary and this I feel is important as it shows we are comfotable as a group and we know our ideas that we have.