Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Mood Board.

This is the mood board


Sam and I were the two out of our group who put the moodboard together. We skimmed through various empire magazines as well as others and discussed themes and pictures in them that linked to the narrative of our film. Mood boards work off peoples own connotaions and different people interperate different images to represent different things. Alot of our images and words represent the anger and upset of our characters lack of acceptance by society by some people. Things such as "slate" and "keep cool" we imagined our character to be saying and thinking as people judge him 0n his phobia and the way in which he also almost isolated himself from society. Along with the words there are the visuals of the fists to connote his anger and frustration as well. The fists are also obviously hands and fit with the theme of our film which revolves around his phobia. My favourite image on the board is the

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Ancillary Tasks.

For our ancillary tasks for our short film we as a group have chosen to create both a teaser poster for the mockumentary and a radio advert. The idea we had for a radio advert however was to advertise the mockumentary in the form of an interview between a radio presenter and either someone playing the director of the mockumentary or the presenter myself. This could include things such as sound extracts from the short film of parts of interviews to advertise and encourage people to watch the mockumentary. This could also be an opportunity to spoof a radio presenter for example and research and portray over excited dj presenters to make the radio interview amusing to fit in with our mockumentary the idea of the radio interview would be real but the same as the mockumentary the humour would be suttle and the audience would be encouraged to  

An idea that I talked about in an earlier post was to use the Borat teaser poster as a reference for our own poster. With Borat being of the same genre film as ours it is a relevant poster to work off of. Although it will be difficult to get the point across of the mockumentary as our character with the phobia obviously isn't as widely recognised as Borat. As a group we think replicating the simplicity of the poster is a good idea and will suit our genre. We are thinking of having the same sort of high angle shot and concentrating on the main character of the mockumentary Simon. As he is not known we will make it blatently obvious about the humour through his facial expression and the props such as the oven gloves.

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